Welcome to Piece by Piece Pottery

Your home for custom ceramic murals on the world wide web. Located in the heart of beautiful Del Norte County, Piece by Piece Pottery works with schools, local non-profits, and government agencies to produce beautiful custom ceramic murals to fit any occasion. Artist-in-residence Harley Munger has been working in local schools for three decades and his murals add a touch of class to public buildings and private homes around Northern California.

Though most of our murals are custom made, we do have a few tables and wall hangings available in our store. Feel free to explore our site and find out a bit more about who we are and what we do.

(At Right) Harley and Jill Munger, the founders of Piece by Piece Pottery and Elk Valley Artisans

Art in the Community (Learn More)

Piece by Piece is proud to support the arts in our community, and is associated with a number of government agencies and non-profit organizations in an effort to beautify our homes and businesses.

We work in partnership with Elk Valley Artisans, the Department of Mental Health, the Harbor District, Rural Human Services Youth Pottery Program, The Independent Living Skills Program, Friday Night Live, and many others. Many of our murals throughout the community were designed and built with the help of youth serving community service hours, or adult mental health clients. For more about our murals in the community, visit our public murals page.

(At Left) Battery Point Lighthouse #2. The mural stands 7 feet by 8 feet and can be seen in the Coast Guard Auxiliary Hall in Crescent City. Click Here.

Ceramics in Education (Learn More)

Some of the most important lessons in life can't be learned from a chalkboard. That's why Piece by Piece Pottery stays active in our local schools. Students at Del Norte High School, Sunset High School, McCarthy School, Turning Point School, Crescent Elk Middle School and Smith River School, have been involved in mural design and construction. Students learn about science, history, and mathematics, all while creating original works of public art.

More importantly, through ceramics students can develop an ability to express themselves, and build a sense of pride in their workmanship. Our murals are popping up all over town, made by students who often visit them, beaming with pride that they were involved in an everlasting project, that has become a permenant part of the history of our county.

(At Right) Turning Point Mural. The mural is sixteen square feet and stands outside the Department of Mental Health. Click Here.

Own a Mural (Learn More)

Not everyone can afford to have a mural commisioned for their wall, but Piece by Piece Pottery now offers art lovers an affordable solution--buy one of our custom wall hangings or tables. They fit perfectly into any home. Order a custom mural based off of your own design, or choose from our selection of available patterns. Not only do you receive a valuable piece of handcrafted artwork, but the proceeds will help to support continued art programs in the schools and community.

Starting in Summer of 2008, Piece by Piece Pottery offers another way that you can bring home the art, on collectable t-shirts and gifts from Cafe Press. Visit our online store at to learn more.

(At Left) Table mural constructed for the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Available in our mural store.

Who are We? (Learn More)

Piece by Piece Pottery is the brainchild of Harley and Jill Munger. Harley and Jill make their home where the redwoods meet the sea, in beautiful Del Norte County. Harley has been teaching ceramics in the schools for three decades and plans to retire soon from his job with the department of Mental Health. The couple have been married twenty-eight years and have two children in college. They are avid gardeners and are active in the Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Redwood Mural Society.

They are also founders of local non-profit Elk Valley Artisans, an organization dedicated to the arts and education. Every year they give out grants to students interested in pursuing the arts. This program has grown on a yearly basis. Contact Jill for more information.

(At Right) Jill and Harley Munger at the Getty Museum
in Southern California