Battery Point Lighthouse #2
Coast Guard Auxiliary Hall, Crescent City

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This mural depicts one of Crescent City's most beloved and historic landmarks, the Battery Point Lighthouse. Battery Point sits at the northern edge of the harbor entrance and received its name when three cannons were moved to the promontory in 1855 from the shipwreck America. The Battery Point Lighthouse was built in 1856 and functioned until 1965. In 1982 it was reopened as a private navigational aid.

This mural was designed by Virginia Brubaker in 2005. The artist-in-residence was Harley Munger and it was constructed in partnership with the Department of Mental Health and the Crescent City Harbor District. It was built by youth serving community-service hours.

The mural stands 8 feet by 7 feet.

Total Market Value = $14,000.00

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