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Piece by Piece Pottery is the brainchild of Harley and Jill Munger. Harley and Jill make their home where the redwoods meet the sea, in beautiful Del Norte County. Harley has been teaching ceramics in the schools for three decades and plans to retire soon from his job with the department of Mental Health. The couple have been married twenty-eight years and have two children in college. They are avid gardeners and are active in the Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Redwood Mural Society.

They are also the foundes of Elk Valley Artisans, a local nonprofit dedicated to the arts and education. Every year they give out grants to students interested in pursuing the arts. This program has grown on a yearly basis. Contact Jill for more information.

Harley and Jill Munger

Harley Munger and pottery

A Pottery Program in Every School...

Harley Munger has been actively involved with pottery in the school system for 30 years. He is close to his goal of establishing a pottery program in every school. He is currently working with the Del Norte County Department of Mental Health as a pottery teacher. Harley has been the recipient of many grants involving pottery with students and was the first Resident Artist of Del Norte through a grant from the California Arts Council. He taught pottery in the schools with grant funding through the Del Norte Arts and Cultural Association and has received grant funding from the Humboldt Area Foundation and the Elk Valley Rancheria. Funding sometimes comes through the Del Norte County School district and the Department of Social Services.

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