Dolphins At Play
Fred Endert Municipal Pool, Crescent City

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This mural, featuring the many kinds of life that thrive in an oceanside environment, can be seen at Crescent City's municipal pool. Ironically, the original pool was destroyed by the very ocean that this mural represents, when the largest tsunami ever to strike U.S. soil swept ashore in Crescent City in 1964. The Fred Endert Municipal Pool was built at nearly the same site as the old pool, but is partially protected by the planting of "tsunami-resistant" trees.

The mural was designed by Virginia Brubaker in 2001. The artist in residence for the project was Harley Munger and the construction on the project was done by youth serving their community-service hours.

The mural stands 5 feet by 6 feet.

Total Market Value = $7,500.00

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