Fair Grounds Part I

The Mural at the Del Norte County Fairgrounds-Hwy 101 North in Crescent City. This project is the
first phase of a six phase project. Every 10 feet represents an "Industry of Del Norte County". This first
phase depicts the fishing industry and water commerce. The project was funded by the Del Norte County
Fairgrounds, Wild Rivers Foundation,Del Norte County Health and Human Services and Elk Valley Artisans.
The Mural was designed by artist Rika Blue. The project was managed by artist Harley Munger, with a total of
15 students participating from the Independant Living Program at Social Services and and Elk Valley
Artisans' Student Youth Program.This phase of the project was installed as an "Artists in Action" program during
the 2008 County Fair.

Total Market Value = $10,000.00

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