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Over the years, we at Piece by Piece Pottery have built a lot of murals, but sometimes the most enjoyable projects aren't for a school or government office. Some of our favorite murals are the ones that we build for our own homes.

If you want to own a ceramic mural, but don't have the time or resources for a major project, consider one of our custom table murals or wall hangings. Send us a design, or choose from one of our patterns already in stock. Use our color scheme or design one of your own. The possibilities are endless. If this still isn't what you're looking for, or your order needs are a bit more customized, send us a detailed email . Include a photograph or design, dimensions, and a detailed description of the project and we will look it over and send you a quote.

Visit Our New Online Garment Shop!

Piece by Piece Pottery is very proud to introduce the latest addition to our mural products, a new online garment and gift shop courtesy of Cafe Press.

Now you can own your favorite Piece by Piece Pottery mural on coffee mugs, tote bags, t-shirts, aprons and more. Plus any time that you purchase products from our shop, you are helping to promote Piece by Piece Pottery and the many projects that we undertake in our community.

If you would like to know more about our online store, the products that we sell, or if you would like to request a custom garment design based off of one of our murals, contact the Piece by Piece Pottery webmaster at



Flying Goose Table

Own your own little corner of the sky with this flying goose mural table. The table stands approximately 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Use our color scheme or build your own. Want to order one? Contact us at

Coast Guard Auxiliary Table

Perfect for the Coast Guard Auxiliary member in your life, this table stands approximately 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Slight color-scheme variations can be accomodated. Want to order one? Contact us at

Lighthouse Wall Hanging

Lighthouses are a central part of the Pacific landscape, evoking images of high seas adventure and days long past. This wall hanging is approximately two and a half feet tall by one and a half foot wide. Want to order one? Contact us at

Photos Courtesy of The Photique - Paul Critz

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