Public Art and Community Service

Piece by Piece Pottery is proud to support the arts in our community, and is associated with a number of government agencies and non-profit organizations in an effort to beautify our homes and businesses.

We work in partnership with Elk Valley Artisans, the Department of Mental Health, the Harbor District, Rural Human Services Youth Pottery Program, The Independent Living Skills Program, Friday Night Live, and many others. Many of our murals throughout the community were designed and built with the help of youth serving community service hours, or adult mental health clients.

(At Left) Battery Point Lighthouse #2. The mural stands 7 feet by 8 feet and can be seen in the Coast Guard Auxiliary Hall in Crescent City. Click Here.

Representative Portfolio of Ceramic Public Murals

Dolphins at Play
Fred Endert Municipal Pool


How Can I Get Involved?

Organizations in Del Norte and surrounding counties are free to contact Harley and Jill Munger via email or by phone at 707-464-5337 for information about mural design and building programs.

If you are out of the area but are interested in having a custom built ceramic puzzle mural for your home or organization, please contact Harley with a detailed description of your project needs. Please include the name of your organization and size of the prospective mural. No portaits, please.

(At Right) Part of the work crew for the Point St. George Lighthouse mural at the Harbor District building.

Visit our murals in education page or

Learn how our murals are constructed.

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