Ceramics in Education

Some of the most important lessons in life can't be learned from a chalkboard. That's why Piece by Piece Pottery stays active in our local schools. Students at Del Norte High School, Sunset High School, McCarthy School, Turning Point School, Crescent Elk Middle School and Smith River School have been involved in mural design and construction. Students learn about science, history, and mathematics, all while creating original works of public art.

More importantly, through ceramics students can develop an ability to express themselves, and build a sense of pride in their workmanship. Our murals are popping up all over town, made by students who often visit them, beaming with pride that they were involved in an everlasting project, that has become a permenant part of the history of our county.

(At Right) Castle Rock Tree Mural. The mural is was designed and built by Harley Munger for Castle Rock Charter School. Click Here.

Castle Rock Mural

How Can I Get Involved?

There are many opportunities for involvement in our education-based mural program. Adults volunteers with design or ceramic experience are encouraged to contact Harley via email. Students or children interested in being involved in building a mural should check out our public murals page or inquire at their local school.

If you are a school or educational institution located in Del Norte or surrounding counties, contact Harley by phone at 707-464-5337 or send him an email. If your school is located outside of Northern California but you would like a custom ceramic puzzle mural, please send him a detailed message. Include the name and location of your school, as well as the subject and size of the prospective mural.

(At Left) Students work on the Del Norte High School mural project on site in Crescent City

Visit our public murals page or

Learn how our murals are constructed.

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